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Reap the benefits of a stunning website. We understand how important an effective website is for our clients, your website often represents the first point of contact for prospective clients. We can help you explore the possibilities, plan and design your website


Adding YouTube Videos to Your Site Has Never Been Easier

The ability to post and share videos online has dramatically changed the way we consume media. At the forefront of this revolution is YouTube, which has democratized video to the point where anyone… Your hard work paid off and your free website is up and running. You feel great, accomplished.


Creating a Wedding Website Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Wedding websiteWhen it comes to pre-nuptial tantrums, you consider yourself much too sophisticated to indulge. And in the organization department, you should really give lessons. Each of your vendor contracts is carefully stowed in the proper place and your top dress options are printed out and filed. But before you rely completely on your carefully color-coded, well-tabbed binder for tracking all things wedding related, consider setting up a personalized wedding website. Your website won’t replace your meticulously crafted binder, but it will be an excellent way to keep guests informed and track your RSVPs. And, free wedding planning websites give you and your guests a fun way to count down to your special day together. Here are a few important things to keep in mind when creating your very own wedding site:

Personalized Website Templates – So Simple And So Productive

Wedding website example

You might think that creating your own wedding website is a complicated process and as a bride, you just don’t have any time to deal with that The good news is that you don’t need to know how to make complicated website edits or design wedding website templates from scratch. When you sign up with The Knot or create a wedding website, for example, you can choose from pre-designed templates. These templates have graphics, creative fonts, and places where you can drag and drop your own images. A personalized template is really simple for you to build upon, and is inviting and easy for guests to navigate.

Expert tip: View our website examples and make a list of your favorite website features before you start to create your own site.

Online RSVP Management – Be Constantly Updated

If your plans for the big day include more than 50 guests, one of the biggest headaches you’ll face is keeping track of the responses to your wedding invitations. Websites can make this process easier, as long as you select the right features. When you set up your nuptial-themed site, make sure it has online RSVP management. This feature really simplifies everything. Instead of sending back a card in the mail, your guests can simply log in and send their reply. In most cases, they can also make their dining selections online when they RSVP. It saves you time and stress, it’s environmentally responsible, and better yet, it gives you a full updated report of all the guests in a matter of seconds.

Helpful Registry Links

Even if you register for gifts early in your engagement, guests are bound to lose the registry information you put on your Save the Date cards or wedding invitations. Instead of constantly repeating your registry details, direct friends and family to your wedding website. You can create a registry tab that includes a link to each retailer where you selected gifts, your guests will ask fewer questions and you can get back to planning floral arrangements.

Expert tip: Create a Honeyfund registry where guests can give you cash for your honeymoon. Then link to your Honeyfund account from your wedding website.

Maps And Attractions

Another important feature of any wedding website is a map to your ceremony and reception locations. Guests from out of town will appreciate a mobile-friendly Google map that directs them right to your festivities. Moreover, you can add hotel or activity recommendations in the area, dropping in directions and maps for those, too.

There’s no limit to how many amazing things you can do with a custom website to celebrate your stroll down the aisle. The best thing about is that you can choose a set template and create a very helpful website that can simplify managing your wedding preparations, in seconds.


How To Create a Simple Educational Site For Kids To Use

If your kids are anything like mine, they’re technological savvy, and even at a young age, they often show us how to work any device with their eyes closed. What our kids can’t learn from any device, however, is how to use the Internet responsibly. As parents, a great solution for this problem is to use a free website builder to create a site for your kids to use. A customized site for your kids is an excellent way to encourage their interest in technology and get them online with supervision. If you’re not sure how to create a free website that is designed for kids, don’t fret. With simple, well-designed templates, it’s easy to drag and drop images and texts, to craft a creative website where your kids can learn how to post artwork, school projects, or even show off a hobby.

Make it Easy—Start with a Template

Building a kids’ website for free is easier when you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It didn’t take long for me to find a free template, with drag-and-drop capabilities, photo slideshows, and other built-in features that saved me from having to start from scratch. It’s a great idea to involve your kids in the process of designing the website, making it a creative game you can play together. Once you select a free template and choose your photos, school papers, and the content you want, adding all other interactions and activities to the site can be a fun family project. Your site can easily be updated over time by simply using the various drag-and-drop features of the platform.

A Sharing Hub

It’s a great idea to upload your kids’ schoolwork to your site, and better yet, let them be an active partner in the process. Use your website builder to show off a science project from start to finish, artistic paintings, or sports competitions. Essentially, it’s an online portfolio of your children’s interests and activities. Let your kids be the creative ones, letting them choose the ideas and images they want to share. Work together to craft short descriptions that explain each photo or series of pictures. The results are just great, having your kids involved with building the site and teaching them design basics as well as technological features.

Teach Responsibility

Creating a website for my kids presented an opportunity to talk about Web responsibility. I instructed my young ones to be careful about disclosing personal information online, including their names, home address and which school they attend. While you fill out your website template with your kids, have important conversations about how and why you are choosing what to share, as everything is published for the public once the site is launched.

Develop Their Thinking and Creativity

Over time, you may find that your kids are very comfortable updating their own free website. Allowing your kids to play around with web design, with appropriate supervision, increases their knowledge of website development, graphic design, and other technological features that will certainly come in handy as they advance in school.


How to Optimize Images in Your Artist Portfolio

These days, having an online portfolio is a necessity for photographers and digital image manipulation artists. And though you can use any of the top builders to create read more

After you’ve learned the basics of portfolio websites made easy, bring your site to life and foster a more engaging experience by adding cool hover effects to your creation. ..


How Important is Bing SEO for My Website?

If you’re like most small-business webmasters, the term “search engine” likely conjures one name in your mind: Google. But despite the fact that the California-based company handles nearly two-thirds of online searches in the U.S.—and an even larger percentage of the global market—Google’s not the only game in town. Microsoft’s competing product, Bing, might only account for a small fraction of the industry’s market share, but that’s still more than 100 million active users. It’s for this reason that you, as a responsible webmaster, should think about sharpening your SEO for Bing.

Why Optimize for Bing?

Even if the majority of the individuals in your target audience aren’t Bing users, there are still quite a few reasons you should take the time to optimize your site for Microsoft’s search engine. Here are a few of the top reasons why you shouldn’t neglect this tool.

  • Bing is the default search engine on all new computers that ship with Windows 10.
  • The tool’s market share is growing, up 5% between December 2015 and February 2016.
  • Fewer businesses are optimizing for Bing, making it easier to rise in the ranks.
  • It’s not good to put all your eggs in one basket. Optimizing for Bing can cover your bases.
  • Own an older domain name? Odds are you’ll rank more highly in Bing than in Google.
  • Bing doesn’t disregard Flash content like Google, so Flash-heavy sites stand out on Bing.
  • Bing has great tools to improve SEO for local visibility, a powerful factor for small-business owners.

SEO for Bing

Don’t have a website yet? Check out our selection of SEO – friendly website builders so you can get the most from both Google and Bing.

SEO Basics for Bing

Now that you have an idea as to why it’s important to optimize your site for this search engine, here are a few Bing SEO tips to help you get started.

  • Start by checking out the Bing SEO Analyzer to find out if your site meets Bing’s standards.
  • Next, get the ball rolling by submitting your site URL to Bing.
  • Establish an account on Bing Webmaster Tools to see what the search engine knows about your site.
  • Submit your sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools so that it’s easier to crawl and index.
  • Bing values title tags and keywords more than Google, so be sure to you use them often.
  • Visit the Bing Business Portal to fill out details and create a listing on Bing Maps.


Although Bing is an underdog in the world of search engines, this tools has a loyal and growing user base that shouldn’t be ignored. There are a number of reasons why you should optimize your site for Microsoft’s search engine, and hopefully, this brief Bing SEO guide will help you get started. Be patient, though. Bing doesn’t update its index as frequently as Google does, so it might take time for your listing to appear.

Now that you understand what your site stands to gain by being optimized for Bing, take some time to ensure your visibility in the search engine’s eyes.

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