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How to Optimize Images in Your Artist Portfolio

These days, having an online portfolio is a necessity for photographers and digital image manipulation artists. And though you can use any of the top builders to create read more

After you’ve learned the basics of portfolio websites made easy, bring your site to life and foster a more engaging experience by adding cool hover effects to your creation. ..


How Important is Bing SEO for My Website?

If you’re like most small-business webmasters, the term “search engine” likely conjures one name in your mind: Google. But despite the fact that the California-based company handles nearly two-thirds of online searches in the U.S.—and an even larger percentage of the global market—Google’s not the only game in town. Microsoft’s competing product, Bing, might only account for a small fraction of the industry’s market share, but that’s still more than 100 million active users. It’s for this reason that you, as a responsible webmaster, should think about sharpening your SEO for Bing.

Why Optimize for Bing?

Even if the majority of the individuals in your target audience aren’t Bing users, there are still quite a few reasons you should take the time to optimize your site for Microsoft’s search engine. Here are a few of the top reasons why you shouldn’t neglect this tool.

  • Bing is the default search engine on all new computers that ship with Windows 10.
  • The tool’s market share is growing, up 5% between December 2015 and February 2016.
  • Fewer businesses are optimizing for Bing, making it easier to rise in the ranks.
  • It’s not good to put all your eggs in one basket. Optimizing for Bing can cover your bases.
  • Own an older domain name? Odds are you’ll rank more highly in Bing than in Google.
  • Bing doesn’t disregard Flash content like Google, so Flash-heavy sites stand out on Bing.
  • Bing has great tools to improve SEO for local visibility, a powerful factor for small-business owners.

SEO for Bing

Don’t have a website yet? Check out our selection of SEO – friendly website builders so you can get the most from both Google and Bing.

SEO Basics for Bing

Now that you have an idea as to why it’s important to optimize your site for this search engine, here are a few Bing SEO tips to help you get started.

  • Start by checking out the Bing SEO Analyzer to find out if your site meets Bing’s standards.
  • Next, get the ball rolling by submitting your site URL to Bing.
  • Establish an account on Bing Webmaster Tools to see what the search engine knows about your site.
  • Submit your sitemap to Bing Webmaster Tools so that it’s easier to crawl and index.
  • Bing values title tags and keywords more than Google, so be sure to you use them often.
  • Visit the Bing Business Portal to fill out details and create a listing on Bing Maps.


Although Bing is an underdog in the world of search engines, this tools has a loyal and growing user base that shouldn’t be ignored. There are a number of reasons why you should optimize your site for Microsoft’s search engine, and hopefully, this brief Bing SEO guide will help you get started. Be patient, though. Bing doesn’t update its index as frequently as Google does, so it might take time for your listing to appear.

Now that you understand what your site stands to gain by being optimized for Bing, take some time to ensure your visibility in the search engine’s eyes.


Top Web Design Awards to Boost Your Reputation

Think you have an exceptional online presence that’s praise worthy? Find out by entering your creation in any of the website competitions that, each year, award the internet’s most engaging, attractive, and effective sites on the web. Here’s a quick overview of the different types of awards and what you stand to gain by entering your site.

Top Web Design Awards

In the world of website awards, there are three basic categories into which most competitions fall: general, design, and advertising. First started in 1996, the Webby Awards is perhaps the best-known of the general contests. Webbys are bestowed by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences to sites that demonstrate excellence in the areas of content, structure, design, interactivity, functionality, and overall experience. The Awwwards is considered the most prestigious of the design-centric contests, and the organization hosts yearly conferences in forward-thinking cities around the world.

And as far as advertising is concerned, the Addy Awards are widely thought to be the premier accolade to be earned in the industry. Although Addys have been given out at ceremonies since the 1960s, the American Advertising Federation, which conducts the competition each year, now recognizes exceptional work in many digital areas, including microsites, pop-up ads, and e-newsletters. It costs between $50 and $300 to enter these contests, but the winning trophy can be worth more than $1,000, not to mention all of the intangibles.

The Benefits of Entering Website Design Awards

A surprising number of benefits come along with entering a website in award competitions, even for those who don’t win. Novice designers stand to get great feedback on their work and are likely to learn a lot about their craft from fellow entrants. This can help you hone your skills and stand a better chance of winning next time around. Some obvious advantages for those who do take home a prize are recognition of your talent and increased exposure for you and your work. If properly leveraged, these perks could allow designers to attract more high-profile clients and charge more for their time.

How Web Design Contests Help Your SEO

A not-so-obvious area where your site could benefit from contests is in the realm of SEO. If you already know why backlinks matter, that shouldn’t surprise you. If you’re not familiar with the benefits of backlinks, the core concept is the more inbound links you have from reputable sources—such as organizations that administers major online awards—the higher your website will rank in search engines. So even if your site doesn’t win the top prize, by virtue of being featured on a contest’s website you could see a boost in your traffic and online visibility.

Quick Tips for Website Competitions

Before submitting your site to any online competition, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • There are tons of website contests out there; make sure to enter the best one for you.
  • Don’t rush through the application; make sure you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s.
  • Be sure to do your homework by researching judges and previous winners.
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