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Has your next web design project sent you into a Pinterest spiral? Not sure which design format will yield the best results for your site? We’ve all been there. Stop storyboarding a ton of ideas and head straight to the experts. The top 10 web design blogs are full of ingenuity and smart ways to jazz up your online space.

Whether you’re building a website for the first time or you’re a professional web designer, it’s important to stay on top of the latest web design trends. The best web design blogs know how to reach their audience and convert visitors into customers, and their bloggers are constantly studying ways to improve their craft. Even those of you building a website using a website builder like can benefit from some web design knowledge when creating or refreshing your webpages.

Here are 10 of the top web design blogs to help get you started.

Web design blogs – Smashing Magazine

1. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a web design blog known for it’s vast information and tips for creating a well designed and engaging website. With monthly contests, thousands of pages of tutorials, ebooks, posts, a job board, and more, it’s one of the largest resources anywhere on the web. The blog focuses heavily on web and mobile design, an area that is largely overlooked.

2. WebDesignerDepot

WebDesignerDepot has been running since 2010, covering hot topics in design such as usability, typography, and responsive design. Great for people building a website for the first time and pro designers alike, this is the place to go for web design inspiration, tutorials, and lots of great resources.

3. Designerfix

Designerfix is a blog that constantly updates about the latest graphic and web design trends. Its web design section is full of great examples on how to optimise your site’s look and feel to better fit your primary objectives. Believing in the power of free knowledge, their motto is to “be less selfish with our design, and be more about sharing like a community intent on evolving the art!”

4. Web Design Ledger

WDL is more of an online magazine than a blog, but it is still insanely useful. Hundreds of posts and easy to access archives covering topics from User Interface tips to typography can be found throughout the dusty URLs of the site.

5. Six Revisions

Six Revisions is one of the best blogs for beginners, as it skips a lot of the artsy design ideals and gets straight to the point. With many different guides to choose from, if you’re doing something wrong, this blog will let you know – but it will also help you correct any mistakes you’ve made. Not sure what images work best or what’s the best use for white space on your site? This great blog has all the answers for you.

Web design blogs – You the Designer

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