Must-Know Terms When Building Your First Website

First Website Terms to Know

Are you building your first website, but hesitating because you’re confronted by a bunch of website terms you don’t understand? Don’t worry! This brief article will cover the basic words mentioned in every introductory website glossary. Here’s a crash course in the terminology of website building – designed to help anyone build their first website ever.

Domain Name

This is the address of your website or blog, which typically ends in a suffix such as .com, .net, or .org. You can purchase your own domain name from a registrar and link it with your website, or you can use a subdomain name provided at no charge by many of the free website builders. So instead of having a blog or website at, it will be located at, or

For those looking to have the domain name of their choice, you’ll need to pay a fee to the website builder. A domain name never comes for free and when looking for one you have to make sure it is unique. The free website builders allow you to obtain your domain name via their site.

Web Terms to Remember

Website Template or Theme

When building your first website or blog, you will be asked to choose the “template” you prefer, sometimes the word “theme” is used instead. Either way, this refers to the look and feel you are choosing for your site. Most of the free website builders have created hundreds of these templates for you to peruse when building your website. All of the coding is already complete and you, as the user, simply need to choose the one you want.

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